School Friendly Products

Click “School Friendly Products” category to see more information about our whole grain products.

On this page you can find the products that we sell to schools that meet the 51% or greater whole grain percentage. Products that your kids will love and you will love to feed them.

White Silver with Poppy
Kaiser White with Poppy
Multi Gran Wheat with oats
Ciabatta Hamburger
Kaiser White with Sesame
Brioche with Poppy
Jalapeno Cheese Deli
Jalapeno Cheese Pullman
Pumpernickel Pullman
Whole Wheat Pullman
Whole Wheat Pullman
Pumpernickel Raisin
Challah Braid with Sesame
Ciabatta 4x5 wheat
Ciabatta 4x5 white
Sourdough Round Small
Bartletts Baguette
Epi Baguette with Poppy
Epi Baguette Plain
Epi Baguette with Sesame
White Silver with Sesame
Pull Apart Rolls Sheet