Our French Baguette is a lean dough in a long shape with a crisp crust.



A French baguette is distinguishable by its length and crisp crust. What makes our French Baguette distinguishable at The New World Bakery is the fact that it has been hand made for generations. A French baguette is a lean dough, which means that there is no fat in the dough creating a chewy texture inside the loaf with a crisp crust. Making Italian food for dinner this week? Our Artisan French Baguette is a MUST to compliment that perfect meal.

Allergen Statement: Contains: Soy, Wheat

*Produced in a facility that uses the following allergens: tree nuts, wheat, soybeans, milk and egg.

All of our products are shipped fresh on the day of production. It is our goal to only serve the highest quality baked fresh bread possible